World first wireless VR Teamplayer

Picture this: you're trekking along a narrow mountain path, the edge of a bottomless abyss just inches away. Your grip tightens on the metal rope as you feel the chill of the stone wall against your skin. A helicopter hovers gracefully nearby, its wings creating mesmerizing vortexes. Finally, you reach the exclusive pinnacle of the mountain, a peak reserved for only eight lucky individuals. Your companion holds a model ship, instantly transporting you back to a thrilling battle against fierce waves on its deck. But wait! There's a dragon lurking on the horizon, unbeknownst to your team. Urgency fills the air as you must escape this cliff, but suddenly, acute and high-dosed vertigo takes over...

As designers, we believe we possess an extraordinary imagination that sets us apart from the ordinary. We see things differently, and we have the power to deceive others with our beautifully sketched illusions. However, all that fades away within the realm of Virtual Reality (VR). In VR, everything we once knew becomes irrelevant. This was the challenge we faced when bringing the Yullbe experience to life.

At first, our understanding of what could be accomplished in VR was hazy at best. The timeline leading up to our launch date was ambitious, exhilarating, mindblowingly fast... and perhaps even impossible? Ah, there it is again, the catchword - impossible. But we were determined to get the job done.

Creating, designing, and producing an entire set of rental VR suits from scratch within six months seemed like an insurmountable feat. But it wasn't entirely impossible. Gathering at Mack Next, the innovation department of Europapark Rust, we brainstormed how this groundbreaking wireless 8-person team player could become a reality. Witnessing creative teams from various disciplines working together towards a common goal was truly awe-inspiring. And as the launch day approached, not a single person lost their composure. Each team member displayed a professional determination to succeed.

Our journey began with a meticulous analysis of the problem at hand. The VR suit consisted of arm and foot sensors, a backpack housing a heavy high-end laptop, and a comprehensive head unit with earmuffs, VR goggles, and position sensors. Ensuring comfort for users of all ages and nationalities, while considering the typical rough handling of rental equipment, was no easy task. But we were up for the challenge.

During the rapid prototyping phase, we encountered some hurdles. Certain electronic components were constantly changing, and even the chosen VR goggle model went through two iterations. Yet, we embraced flexibility and employed additive manufacturing techniques. This allowed us to print 54 sets of functional suits across eight parallel runs using the EOS M 395 systems at our additive manufacturing partner. Not only did this grant us unparalleled flexibility, but it also allowed our designers to showcase their talents without limitations imposed by traditional methods.

As launch day drew nearer, our studio merged seamlessly with in Europapark's fire brigade. Electronics and 3D printed parts were meticulously assembled, with the assistance of young brigade volunteers (our sincere gratitude to them). Actors adorned in fantastical suits roamed the newly constructed venue, while Mack family stakeholders gave interviews to television crews. After the initial runs with the enthralled crowd, it became evident that building a complete set of 54 VR suits from scratch using additive manufacturing was indeed possible.

And then came our moment of VR truth - we were invited to experience the Yullbe Experience firsthand. Let me tell you, it is simply mindblowing - even if you know the technology behind..

Yullbe has now expanded to three destinations across Europe, and I highly recommend immersing yourself in this leading VR entertainment system. The extended eight-person wireless team player version, Yullbe Pro, featuring our fully additive printed suit, can be booked via at Europapark Rust.

  The VR suit project was realized in cooperation with:Moritz Waldemeyer // Scheel //


Mack NeXT GmbH & Co KG, Rust


Project start: Januar 2021Launch date: September 2021


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Brass Ring Award 2021, "Best New Product: Virtual Reality“Purmundus Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2021, FinalistTrickstar Business Award 2022