Kids - You'll move Mountains!

Read from the Brand manual intro: "Hi. My parents would say: I'm your target customer. But forget about this stuff for a while. Will you listen to me? Yes? Welcome to my soil. Since I was eight years old, safely exploring the landscape has been a big thing for me. My world opens up when I pedal, leaving busy asphalt and gravel behind. Off the road, in the woods, there are rarely adults or cars. The deep green, sun-drenched forest draws me magically. Now and then the wet ferns are annoying, but that's part of the game. More often, the new giddy pump tracks with their many bumps are my part-time favorite. And when things are going well, there are flowlines galore at the bike park on weekends. Grandpa drives me up there on his e-bike and a harness. Otherwise, it's just me, my bike, my helmet and my trails. There's a lot to discover here, new steeper chutes that I can't manage yet, a few obstacles I don't dare approach. But I'm getting better, I'm working on it. The other day I saw a deer. It was just standing there like I am here now. Awesome. It never gets boring out here. Especially when my friends come along. Then we shred a few favorite berms together and go out for ice cream afterwards. Do you want to join me? Great. I'll show you what's important in my world."


Eightshot Bikes // Puky GmbH & Co KG


Brand relaunch start: 2022Release: 2024


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Eurobike Award 2020European Product Safety Award in Gold 2024