The Feeling of Security

Since 2008 we constantly work for ABUS Mobile Security to sharpen the brand profile with a clear and understandable design strategy. The main pillars of the design language have become part of ABUS identy since then.
Instead of using a Top down stratey, we have chosen a "family by family" trickle down approach, to clear positioning of certain product families and refined value preposition inside these families more precise. This approach turned out to be very successful and managable, while having leeway for new ideas and market demands. Now, 16 years after the first sketch, our coherent work is becoming more visible in the market. And 80 percent of the families have gotten a redefinition. We are very proud that ABUS is a consecutive nominated Top100 Innovator - and a unbeaten customer value champion at the same time. This feeling of security, and the irresistable vision to make things better with every step, in any price category - this simply makes us feel at home.


ABUS August Bremicker und Söhne


Project start: 2015Release: 2017


Ergonomic DefinitionPerformance ResearchDesign & ModellingEngineeringDesign StrategyAdditive Manufacturing


Eurobike AwardRedDot Award