Tom Ayton is a worldclass innovation and design facility - consistently delivering impressive returns on investment. 

Focus & Determination

We're here to help our clients challenge status quo, conquer new markets and ignite positive growth. 

34_ Years

32_ Red Dots

96_ Design & Branch Awards

35_ Patents

55_ Int. Word & Trademarks

and counting..

Tom Ayton was founded on the desire of creating a cutting-edge innovation and design facility dedicated to shaping the most beloved product identities in the world. We are designers, inventors, branding experts, name givers, creative thought leaders and pioneers in 3D printing. We excel at ergonomic advantages, performance gains and fostering innovation. Our design expertise is closely tied to an unmistakingly athletes mindset that has earned us numerous accolades and awards, but we prioritize delivering exceptional results over titles. It is fair to say that we have found some ways to impact strategic brand development by simply designing innovative products that resonate with future relevant markets. We help build and lead strong brands "by design success". With over three decades of experience, our track record demonstrates significant returns on design investment time and time again.

Shape what matters.

We are well trained to navigate the entire path of an innovation and give essential support in areas where typical design studios or advertising agencies may struggle. We are skilled at reinventing product categories, conquering untapped markets, and shape iconic designs and wordmarks. Furthermore to our central role as idea facilitators, we are able to offer fast forward guidance in planning product portfolios to ensure continuous brand growth. Let’s not overlook our renowned “future self” ideation sessions, where we enjoy pushing the boundaries of traditional “design thinking” workshops with our sheer speed, momentum and vision. As one of the few relevant German innovation & design groups, we have a steadfast commitment to a "high-potential / high-creativity only" strategy that allows us to maintain our ability to handle larger and more intricate projects. Our partners accompanying us in heavyweight projects are all experienced free practising designers who collaborate longterm and seamlessly as well as work individually in a spirit of friendship.

The Tom Ayton Story.

The Tom Ayton paragon was forged on a sunny afternoon in March 2008, at a charming trattoria situated near the renowned Spacio Rossana Orlandi on Via Matteo Bandello in Milan. During an exceptional lunch meeting with T. Prantl, then Vice President of Swarovski Retail Innovation, we engaged in a conversation about how to cultivate unparalleled peak creativity within design organizations. It was a creative masterclass, ultimately providing our distinctive structure a unique guiding principle. Tom Ayton is meant to embody the immaculate creative director, capable of leading and inspiring a group of independent creative high potentials through virtual best practices. Whenever we find ourselves uncertain about a design choice, we kindly pose the question: "What would Tom do?" The answer is always clear: "Tom would go!" (This phrase draws inspiration from the Hawaiian "Eddy would go!" story; we borrowed from waveriding history with a slight twist).Tom Ayton approaches every project, no matter how small, with utmost ambition. He loves going consistently above and beyond expectations. Always having one more idea at hand, innovation roadblocks simply melt like ice in the sun. The whole team can rely on this crunchtime proven gamechanger mentality. Moreover, he fearlessly makes daring strategic decisions, assists progression - and most important - he remains humble throughout it all. So do we...
The name Tom Ayton expresses our belief that natural design talent always prevails and unexpected ideas hold the key to shaping our future. This unwavering confidence in the extraordinary power of imagination is reflected in our portfolio that spans three and a half decades, many industries and clients of all scales.

Clients & Partners

Abus Home & Mobile Security, WetterMack Next, Europapark RustPlaymobil, DietenhofenPuky, WülfrathEightshot Bikes, WülfrathEOS Optical Systems, KraillingRicardo Gifts, SolingenRichartz Knifes, SolingenSchell Armaturen, OlpeSwarovski AG, A - WattensDaniel Swarovski AG, CH - ZurichSaunier Duval, F - NantesVaillant Group, RemscheidProxivision, BensheimJingyi Shengguang Electronics, ChinaAmeo Sports, StarnbergGudo AG, CH - LupfigMaxistudio, I - Camisano VicentinoAffinity Trading, UAE - DubaiErgon - Rti Sports, KoblenzSwany Gloves Europe, SwitzerlandMountain Force, SwitzerlandKristallwelten, A- Wattens 
Titan Luggage, PenzbergSchröder Tools, WuppertalKnipex Pliers, WuppertalLubero Tapping Tools, RemscheidKjus, SwitzerlandFreund Tools, WuppertalAdidas, HerzogenaurachOrthovox, MünchenTognino Lamborghini, I - ModenaFischer Electronics, LüdenscheidNorth Sails / Duotone Windsurfing, MunichF2 Snow, MunichBusiness Xcellerator, MunichCreative Hobbies Group, NetherlandsDurable Office Products, IserlohnTopeak Cycling Products, TaiwanCayoo Jewellery AG, CH - MeilenSal Y Limon Jewellery, Zurich/DubaiDirak Hinges and Latches, EnnepetalTroika Design Gifts, MüschenbachVossen Towels, A - Jennersdorf  

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