AMEO - Swimming will never be the same.

In summer 2015, an obviously fit and charismatic startup founder invited us to Lake Starnberg and captivated our attention with his audacious claims. As we sat on a wooden bench in this picturesque pre-alpine landscape, he regaled us with tales of his groundbreaking sports equipment invention from Ibiza that would transform the art of swimming, particularly in open water, making freestyle swimming as effortless as a casual jog. Although we were not swimmers ourselves at the time, his vision - and our spontanous aspiration to be able to swim coast to coast through this beautifaul big lake - excited us immensely. We soon discovered that the device he presented was overly complex, a nightmare to bring into production and unsuitable for direct sales. But no problem. Undeterred by this minor setback, we decided to enter into a long-term contract and start from scratch. After securing several additional patents, our innovative first prototype became an instant sensation. Our approach focused on prioritizing europeean headforms and basic ergonomic principles to ensure a perfect fit. Next came meticulous considerations such as determining the correct angle for the mouthpiece. To fine-tune our design, we crafted rudimentary prototypes using PVC tubing and pushed ourselves through local forests at lightning speed to analyze the required airflow per minute. Additionally, we utilized advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques to minimize frontal resistance since water is denser than air - and worldclass swimmers are crazy fast. Throughout this process, invaluable feedback from esteemed athletes like Dr. Christian Tröger, a three-time Olympic medalist, and Jan Frodeno himself - considered the greatest triathletes of all time - enabled us to refine our product through extensive prototyping and pool time. Around 150 pre-production samples created using additive manufacturing led us to collaborate with a Tom Ayton allied manufacturer in Asia. As part of this journey, we embarked on defining our brand identity by developing logos, selecting brand colors, establishing an overall look and feel - thus giving birth to our distinctive umbrella brand named: AMEO. The investors supporting our start-up were numerous and delighted with our progress. Market launch activities were skillfully executed by the agencies Creativum in Solingen and Yearning in Starnberg, both meticulously adhering to our design guide featuring the iconic trident symbol and the seven corporate colors of the sea. Today, the Powerbreather is available in numerous countries around the world, setting a new standard for refreshing snorkeling experiences. However, we prefer not to label it as a mere snorkel; instead, envision it as a dynamic and liberating approach to swimming that amplifies your strength, agility and a feeling you will seldomly have sensed before: water love. The Powerbreather serves as irrefutable evidence that with an open-minded designers perspective, coupled with the mindset of a champion athlete, a stroke of luck (as it always plays its part), and an abundance of perseverance, you can revolutionize any industry and upend established markets. So long as you possess an exceptional idea and ensure its flawless execution - while also having the innate ability to hold your breath for a very very long time - startup success knows no bounds.


AMEO Sports Gmbh / Starnberg


Project start: 2015Release: 2016


Ergonomic DefinitionPerformance ResearchDesign & ModellingEngineeringDesign StrategyAdditive ManufacturingBrand DevelopmentNamingCreative DirectionIdea Xcellerator


ISPO "Brand new, New brand" AwardRedDot AwardSwim Magazin, Innovation of the year