Wiltopia - Bringing sustainability to the top toy game.

In 2021, the renowned german toy giant Playmobil approached us with an exciting challenge: to help them launch a groundbreaking new product category that would make a sustainable impact. With a focus on wildlife and animals, we dove headfirst into this exhilarating endeavor. Inspired by our boundless creativity, we swiftly conjured up the perfect name for this extraordinary category: Wiltopia. It encapsulated the essence of adventure and imagination that Playmobil wanted to unleash upon the world of toys. But crafting an innovative category requires more than just a name and exotic sustainable materials. We knew that injecting a playful attitude into the game was essential, especially when it came to creating a captivating collecting experience. Armed with our fast-forward concepts, we eagerly presented our ideas to garner support for an before on the brink of extinction project within the company. The result? Wiltopia hit the ground running, capturing accolades left and right in the realm of toy innovation and industry recognition. It quickly became the crown jewel of toy business introductions in 2022 – a resounding success by any measure. As the project gained momentum, we also lent our expertise in helping Playmobil expand into Asian markets. In response to the high demand for Learn and Play concepts in these regions, we strategically developed an additional brand called "Playmobil Creative Play." This tailored offering specifically catered to Asian consumers and their thirst for educational play experiences.To further solidify Playmobil's presence in Asia, we took charge of designing artwork and conceptualizing names for their first flagship store in Shanghai. The outcome was nothing short of spectacular – an exquisite showcase of our remote collaboration with Playmobil's team. Playmobil's Wiltopia range is the most successful new launch in sustainable toys 2022 in Germany as well as in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. The “Wiltopia” launch is the first Playmobil product family made of 80% recycled material. Naming, innovative usp's creation and storytelling work was executed in collaboration with Ralf Scheel / twogrow.de Looking ahead, we are excited about continuing our fruitful partnership with Playmobil. Together, we can give life to new concepts and leverage their unparalleled worldwide distribution network in future projects.


Playmobil Geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG, Zirndorf


Project start: 2022Release: 2022


Brand DevelopmentLogo DesignNamingDesign StrategyConcept DesignGrafic Artwork


2022 // Gold medal for Wiltopia in the "best eco toy" category at the blogon awards UK Wiltopia as "best eco-toy" with a bronze placement at the "madeformums" awards Wiltopia, winner of the 2022 national parenting product awards (nappa) Wiltopia is winner of good housekeeping's 2022 best toy awards Wiltopia named toy of the year 2022 by the swedish baby and toy association lek & baby Wiltopia achieves the title of toy of the year 2022 in the category "sustainability" in the netherlands. Stichting speelgoed nederland (sgn) Wiltopia wins toy of the year 2022 title from the fédération belge du jouet Wiltopia product line named ‘best toy for a sustainable world 2022’ by the spanish association of toy manufacturers (aefj) Additional naming and storytelling opportunities for Playmobil Experience Center USA,  2023 // Wiltopia named 'most successful product family launch of the year' 2023 Wiltopia is "europe's top new sustainable toy brand of the year" Playmobil wins "toy award 2023" Playmobil Shanghai Flagship Store opened with a success  2024 // Playmobil wins another industry awards with a Wiltopia series expansion: a QR code on a playing card takes users to an app that provides interactive content and Augmented Reality play fun for the characters