Abus Airbreaker 01 - Impossibile!

When an Italian engineer bellows this word, it takes on a whole new flavor. Unlike the unpleasant German phrase "haben wir noch nie so gemacht," the term "Impossibile" carries with it a sense of potentiality. It means: not possible yet, but let's ponder it.

Airbreaker marked our second collaboration with ABUS, the pinnacle of helmet performance. And this time, we veered away from focusing solely on aerodynamics. Instead, we aimed to achieve an unparalleled combination of featherweight design and exceptional ventilation. This project sought to redefine the boundaries of what is achievable in modern Italian helmet production. And boy, did we push those boundaries – and then some.

With this ambitious goal in mind, we began by revolutionizing the internal structure of the helmet. Armed with a thermal imaging camera for instant feedback on our 3D prototypes and valuable insights from our cycling crazy Belgian physician regarding the weaknesses of competitor helmets, we were ready to tackle the challenge head-on. To ensure an unrivaled level of ventilation unseen before in helmet production, we sought external advice and drew inspiration from pipe construction techniques used in chemical plants. The result? Seven evenly distributed main channels spanning a minimum width of 22mm each – painstakingly no areas where the channels constrict or diminish in size. Complemented by a series of internally pulled hydraulic cores – a groundbreaking innovation never attempted before – our EPS tooling concept pushed itself to its utmost limits.

Our attention was not solely focused on internal engineering; we also paid meticulous attention to reducing skin contact surface area. Through rigorous thermos testing, we discovered the need for subchanneling to further enhance ventilation capabilities of a device we call "floating padding".

The sleek design emulates the intricate internal channel structure flawlessly. With ABUS's signature look adorning its front and distinctive contoured sidelines emphasizing that snug and secure feeling synonymous with ABUS products, coupled with an iconic star at its rear ensuring visibility within the peloton – just like its sibling, the Gamechanger – this helmet is impossible to miss.

When the first sub-190 gram helmets emerged from the colossal production machine in northern Italy, the engineers couldn't help but smile and exclaim: impossibile!

For us, this project serves as undeniable proof that we can push boundaries without overextending ourselves. It demonstrates that remarkable results and dreams coming true are attainable without taking undue risks. This endeavor was a meticulously planned assault on the helmet market – resulting in the lightest and most comfortably ventilated helmet in existence. A benchmark so impressive that neither ordinary cyclists nor world champions can deny its extraordinary qualities. The ultimate key to unlocking a whole new market. We extend our gratitude to Felice in Caravaggio, Massimo for hosting us from Venice to Milano and Alejandro for his initial triumph in the Innsbruck World champs race with those coveted rainbow stripes. Many more successes will follow...

The Airbreaker – because "impossibile" is merely a word.


ABUS August Bremicker und Söhne


Project start: 2015Release: 2017


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Eurobike AwardRedDot Award