Grinder proof design - Tougher than a rock.

We have been yearning for this project for quite some time. In every industry, there are visionary ideas that seem unattainable, like a distant dream. A dream you will never reach - until you decide to tackle it. And this are the exactly the kind of challenges we like to go for. Because they are game changing and align to our very nature. Believe it or not, we now have a bicycle lock that can withstand even the most determined attempts to break or cut it with a mobile grinder. The ABUS engineering team in Rehe has truly worked wonders to make this a reality. Our responsibility was to create a design language that matches the lock's extraordinary capabilities. We wanted something as bold and extreme as the lock itself. At the same time, we are grateful for the success of our existent design language in the market, which is a testament to 16 years of dedicated effort. Therefore, we decided to merge both aspects. The result is a sleek and elegant proportion that we introduced to the U-Lock segment years ago - a distinctive look accompanied by secure ergonomic qualities when handling the relatively heavy device. You'll find our signature X-Wing element present across all premium ABUS products, along with the unmistakable chromium ABUS logo badge at its centerstage. However, our Super Extreme design language takes an unexpected turn; it becomes more raw, sheer, and brutal. The sheet metal like construction and larger-than-usual gaps between the tectonic plates evoke a sensation reminiscent of pressure-shaped stones, crusted magma, or simply solid unmovable rocks. This design approach perfectly translates the purpose of this item. It signals: stay away, spare your grinder discs, nothing to gain here. Move over.. And it reflects the iconic name these locks have garnered over time: Granit. So let's give recognition to the new landlord in town - Granit Super Extreme - crafted from Wolfram Carbid, sorry, Anti-Dieb-Stahl (Anti-Theft Steel). From today on, thugs, thiefs and unfortunate people who lost their keys, prepare to cut the device you locked your bike to. It will be considered the weakest link in comparison. Sorry lampposts around the world.We did this by purpose.


ABUS August Bremicker und Söhne


Project start: 2022Release: 2023


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