Faster Forward - Gamechanger 02

We rarely have the opportunity to revamp our own iconic designs. However, in the realm of sports, progress must be made at a faster pace. We must admit, we were somewhat anxious when the team was assigned the task of making the Gamechanger even faster, more visually appealing, better ventilated, and lighter as well... It adhered to the old Specialized marketing rule of 11%. Nevertheless, we aimed to utilize this project for substantial real-world enhancements. Therefore, we decided to start from scratch and reset our progress. Once again, we invested time in combining comprehensive Rhino modeling with immediate CFD feedback to develop a new form that excels under realistic conditions faced by professional cyclists. Consider this: Matthieu and Wout reach speeds of up to 50 km/h during the crucial first hour of a TdF stage in order to establish a breakaway. As a non-driver, try sticking your head out of a car window for half the time while traveling at 50 km/h – it will give you an idea. We did just that – testing numerous iterations in wind tunnels and on actual roads. The outcome is remarkable: improved aerodynamics, slightly reduced weight, and significantly enhanced ventilation around the forehead. This helmet is no longer solely an aerodynamic marvel; it now sets the standard for top-tier helmets within the Aero segment. It demonstrates that if you are determined enough to seek incremental improvements, they can indeed be achieved. And it shows that real class is not demonstrated by a single design burstout - it is defined by those who stay at the very top - in a very consistent manner. It looks like a gamechanger - consecutive count.


ABUS August Bremicker und Söhne


Project start: 2022Release: 2023


Ergonomic DefinitionPerformance ResearchWindtunnel/CFDDesign & ModellingEngineeringProduct Design StrategyDesign LanguageAdditive Manufacturing


ABUS - Brand of the CenturyABUS - Top100 InnovatorsRank #1. - "Die Welt" Product Champion of the Year 2023 Four (!!) Tour de France stage winsGreen Jersey on Champs Élysées in first race after launch.