All mountain - All Style.

After the success of Airbreaker and Gamechanger, it was no secret that ABUS would be expanding its legacy to the Offroad sector of cycling.

To lay the groundwork for all the upcoming developments, we took on part-time Product Management and analyzed the MTB market with assistance from our friends in the gravity sector. We devised a simple yet ambitious design strategy consisting of ten points on a DinA4 paper. This provided a foundation that all designers involved could follow based on their abilities. After stakeholders envisioned and defined a potential future product portfolio, we sketched out the key element of Abus MTB design language: an emphasized lower side line. This design element aimed to convey both the secure feeling provided by ABUS helmets and their ability to snugly fit one's head. Additionally, we created a new version of our product design logo – a modern and dynamic iteration meant to allow the gravity section more freedom in expressing and defining a new ABUS identity.

The Cliffhanger Project served as the benchmark for an open-face helmet. Its deeply extended lower back necessitated minor adjustments to proportionately balance its height with other elements. In the center rear, you'll find once again our signature star that defines all Abus performance helmets with its distinctive 120° quality. Lower-positioned helmets feature a flat star which differentiates them in terms of value – though we can't take credit for this modification, we're happy with it nonetheless.

The sideline showcases the most extreme version of our Open Yaw theme, which we explored in our Montrailer helmet but improved upon in terms of proportionality. You'll likely encounter numerous imitators on the market who drew inspiration from this revolutionary design element – something we view positively. From a designer's perspective, what makes this particularly interesting is how we managed to maintain a rounded pragmatic proportion while intricately detailing lines to create an integrated look between the helmet and its three-position variable visor. This execution of seamless integration had not been achieved to such perfection until now. The visor can be tilted to increase airflow in the middle position for uphill sections, and it also features a goggle garage in its most extreme third position.

However, this helmet is not solely an exercise in design language; it also stands as one of the lightest full-coverage helmets on the market, if not the lightest. It boasts exceptional ventilation and incorporates design nods from our Airbreaker model, making it one of the most reliable PC-shell constructions you'll find.

The development of this helmet relied heavily on input from MTB enthusiasts around us, as well as feedback from MTB icons like Cedric Garcia and Richie Schley – individuals we are grateful to work with. We hope that we have captured the spirit of a long day in the saddle with this All Mountain – All Style design. And when approaching downhill trails like Cedric, you can confidently shout out loud just like him: "Ratatatang!"


ABUS August Bremicker und Söhne


Project start: 2019Release: 2021


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