Abus Bordo - A very beautiful, successful, foldable family.

ABUS Bordo, a true champion in the ABUS Portfolio, stands tall as one of the best selling locks. Its legacy traces back to the groovy 70s when Ideo, the renowned industrial design and innovation firm, birthed this revolutionary concept. Though Specialized attempted to bring it to market, they couldn't quite hit the jackpot. It wasn't until later that ABUS seized the opportunity, efficiently industrializing production right here in Rehe, Germany and transforming this product into a household name.


Ever since we joined forces with ABUS, we have dedicated ourselves to revamping every member of the Bordo family. Our latest triumph? The redesign of the original Bordo main family, now available in three sizes and two lengths. We've seamlessly blended elements from the iconic design while incorporating our own touches such as our signature logo badge and hints of inspiration from X-Wing U-Lock's sleek aesthetic – just like an musician or athlete perfecting their technique, just by repeating the same melody in a slightly different way over and over again. It's the tone of Abus now..


Our journey began by reimagining the bar design from the ground. These bars are crafted with a special material that not only reduces weight but also covers a hardened steel base with even less material. The result is outstanding – a sustainable solution boasting an exquisite high-gloss/rough surface design that exudes premium quality and impeccable proportions.


When designing product families, our utmost priority is to give each member its own distinct value proposition. We want customers to instantly recognize where each product stands in terms of pricing within its lineage – no lengthy explanations required. And yes, with a more sophisticated appearance, we do gently encourage our clients to opt for higher-tier options. Ultimately though, we believe every consumer should choose the product that best suits their needs regardless of security rating preferences. This value-focused design approach serves as both a service to our clients and a means to make our vast brand portfolio more accessible.


In addition to our core Bordo family offerings, ABUS has invested considerable time and resources into expanding the family tree. Think of them as our beloved nieces and nephews. We proudly present the Combination Lock, an entry-level U-Grip line that showcases cutting-edge technology. And let's not forget the lightest foldable lock in the world – a true testament to Rehe born innovation. Brace yourself for a groundbreaking series of foldable Smartlocks, with more exciting designs set to emerge in the smart sector.


All in all, the Bordo LineUp serves as our "Leading by design" masterclass example of how to nurture and celebrate a successful product family. This remarkable result has been achieved by Tom Ayton through over 14 years of unwavering dedication and continuous refinement of the brand language - akin to a world-class leader honing their abilities. The true ABUS way: Never look back to competitors, rather forge ahead with confidence, always powering innovation and design to stay ahead of the game.


ABUS August Bremicker und Söhne


Project start: 2009Release: 2010-2025


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Red Dot Award 2011Red Dot Award 2014Plus X Award 2016IF Design Award 2016Red Dot Award 2018Stiftung Warentest, Testsieger 2019Top100 Innovator, since 2019Die Welt - Product Champion of the Year 2021-2023